A path foward for Moonwell beyond Nomad 2.0

Hi everyone, I believe the second step to the path is the integration of non-nomad assets ( other bridges assets I believe is the only option for now, multichain, gUsdc, ect…).
would like to here your thoughts mates



Hey 0xMB14!

Thanks for getting this discussion started! You’re correct that this is a vital next step to restoring the protocol to an optimal state.

Like yourself, I’m also curious to hear the opinion of the community regarding which bridge to use going forward (or to not support bridged assets and stick to native assets / xc-20s).

After we have some options listed and discussion underway, it would also be great to see a signal vote created to poll the community.

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$WELL, plus Multichain assets that I may suggest

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Hey Majin, thanks for your answer, I also believe a signal vote sould be created but I don’t have the 200k WELL voting power required.
Native assets is the secure way but it’s really limited, no eth no btc…

Hey Patfasz, thanks for your suggestions
I believe WELL is not added because the best for the protocol is to use safety protocol (staking)

There’s still a lot of discussion to be had on the topic before a signal vote would be necessary honestly.

It’s true that the selection of native assets is quite limited at the moment. I just thought I would mention it as a potential option.

StellaSwap just posted a great blog summarizing 3 of the top bridges into Moonbeam: Rebuilding Strategy: A Framework for Evaluating Bridges on Moonbeam | by StellaSwap | Sep, 2022 | Medium


We started a discussion about diversifying bridge risk in the Polkadot forum. Comments encouraged!