Activate Moonwell Apollo on Polygon POS

Moonwell Improvement Proposal MIP-R15: Authorization for Moonwell Apollo Protocol Activation on Polygon POS Mainnet


I propose that the Moonwell community vote to authorize the activation of the Moonwell Apollo protocol on the Polygon Proof of Stake (POS) mainnet, building upon the significant growth and momentum witnessed on the MoonRiver Blockchain. Polygon POS is renowned for its scalability, low-cost transactions, and developer-friendly environment, positioning it as an ideal platform for Moonwell’s expansion. Activating Moonwell Apollo on Polygon POS will advance the adoption of Moonwell’s decentralized lending and borrowing services, empowering a broader audience with accessible financial services.

About Polygon POS:

Polygon POS, a Layer 2 (L2) solution built on the Ethereum network, addresses Ethereum’s scalability limitations while maintaining security. Utilizing its ZK-EVM/Validium mechanism, Polygon POS enhances transaction throughput and reduces gas fees, offering an attractive platform for DApps like Moonwell. Polygon’s ecosystem fosters innovation and interoperability, providing Moonwell with opportunities for seamless integration and collaboration within the broader DeFi landscape.


Activating Moonwell on Polygon POS presents several advantages:

  • Scalability and Low Transaction Costs: Polygon POS overcomes Ethereum’s limitations, enabling Moonwell to support a larger user base and accommodate higher transaction volumes while offering lower gas fees.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Operating on Polygon POS delivers a smoother and cost-effective DeFi experience to users, encouraging greater engagement and participation.
  • Interoperability and Collaboration: Polygon’s interoperability features enable seamless interaction with other DeFi protocols and assets, fostering collaboration and innovation within the broader DeFi ecosystem.

Implementation Plan:

The proposal’s implementation involves:

  • Technical Integration: Collaborating with Polygon’s technical experts, Moonwell’s development team will integrate the Moonwell protocol into the Polygon POS mainnet to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Community Engagement: Moonwell will actively engage the community, gathering feedback and addressing concerns regarding the protocol’s activation on Polygon POS. Community members will have opportunities to participate in testing and provide input throughout the process.
  • Deployment and Activation: Upon completing technical integration and community feedback, Moonwell will deploy and activate the protocol on the Polygon POS mainnet, enabling seamless access to Moonwell’s features and services.


Activating the Moonwell protocol on Polygon POS represents a significant milestone in advancing decentralized finance and empowering users with accessible financial services. By authorizing this proposal, the Moonwell community demonstrates its commitment to innovation and collaboration in building a more inclusive and sustainable DeFi ecosystem.


Please vote on this proposal to authorize the activation of the Moonwell protocol on the Polygon POS mainnet. Your participation is crucial in shaping Moonwell’s future and driving the adoption of decentralized finance.


Interesting proposal. Clarifying question: are you volunteering to head this initiative and build out and implement the steps you suggest above?

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I support this. Whoever knows how to write it im down.


I’m not a tech guy so i wouldn’t know how to make this happen but i wish this can be up for a vote because Apollo and $MFAM would benefit greatly and would also be a welcomed project into Polygon.

Is there anyone that can help with this?

No I’m just initiating the idea but I’m not a tech guy so i wouldn’t know how to build this out. It would be great to get the community support on this so that the moonwell devs can do the build out


With the introduction of Polygon’s newest technology - The Aggregation Layer, Moonwell will see significant adoption, usage, and liquidity. Polygon’s interoperability protocols would allow Moonwell to seamlessly interact with other DeFi protocols and assets within the Polygon ecosystem. Moonwell can leverage Polygon’s bridges and cross-chain communication mechanisms to integrate with various tokens, liquidity pools, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on Polygon. This interoperability expands Moonwell’s reach and utility, enabling users to access a broader range of assets and liquidity across different blockchains. Moonwell can tap into Polygon’s vibrant ecosystem of developers, users, and ecosystem partners to gain visibility, attract users, and foster collaboration. Polygon’s ecosystem offers opportunities for liquidity mining, yield farming, and partnership initiatives, enabling Moonwell to grow its user base and enhance its protocol’s functionality. By leveraging Polygon’s community and ecosystem, Moonwell can drive adoption, innovation, and sustainability within the DeFi space.

From My Understanding, Even through the Polygon expansion idea. I also attemped to reach out to the community aswell as the Devs.

In regaurds to Moonwell Apollo. There may be a multitude of options out there that will present the opportunity when the time is right.

I believe Moonwell is working towards that. Through the success of MoonWell Artemis we may be able to grow as a whole. Paitence is key even myself is challenged with such.

It may not be Dot. Other doors could open to possibly entirely different chains.

So to continue the food for thought.

What other chains would you like to see Apollo on?

In general, the focus from the major contributors Lunar Labs & Solidity Labs is on Moonwell Aretmis (Moonbeam/Base) there is currently no team that is pushing forward further development on Apollo. So if this is something that you want to see you will need to build a technical team around the idea and actually pitch to the community a plan to make it happen.