Bring More Utility To The $WELL Token

Hello everyone, I believe that we should work on a more powerful model for the $WELL token, as I mentioned on Discord. I think a system like the one used by Radiant Capital is highly effective and adds significant value to the protocol. This could attract a large number of new investors and give us a completely new identity in the rapidly evolving world of DeFi. I believe it’s crucial for the protocol to swiftly find a new direction. As a well holder myself, I’d like to discuss this with all of you. What are your thoughts, guys?

The voting period has closed on @Bored-Steeve’s "Add More Utility To The $WELL Token Snapshot proposal. The AYE’s have won, netting 99.7% of the vote.

By the results of this vote, it’s clear that a portion of the Moonwell community would like to add more utility to the WELL token beyond voting power and the ability to stake in the Safety Module. What we still lack is a structured proposal with a concrete and actionable plan. The onus is now on those community members who voted in favor of this proposal to come together, discuss, and formulate a tangible solution that technical contributors to Moonwell can action on.