Deploy on Others Chains

Hello guys, after the successful launch on the Base mainnet, I would like to see Moonwell deploy on other blockchains such as Optimism, Arbitrum, etc., the blockchains that attract the most TVL. What do you think about this?

Hi everybody,
I’ve asked in Moonwell tg group if the community would be open to the idea of expanding the ecosystem to an other L1 and I’ve been advised to gauge the community’s opinion on this topic, so here I am! :wave:

I’m Fabs, working with a new EVM compatible L1 called Arthera. The mainnet will be launched later this year and we are currently onboarding dapps and partners.

Arthera aims to highlight the importance of dApps and offers several advantages to projects integrating the Network:

  • grant program

  • direct access to Arthera core team

  • Co-marketing

  • earn a share of the network revenue (see gasfee rebase model and subscription model)

So as you can see the network is seeking for sustainability and profitability not only for itself but for the dapps built on top of it as well!
The chain has also innovative solutions to onboard new users and web2 startups/freelancers. I invite you to consult the docs:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them all asap!
If the general sentiment is positive we’ll then introduce a formal proposal and see how we can get it to the voting stage :pray:t2:


deploying on another chain makes sense as long as their is a key opportunity in terms of value offering that moonwell can care for or the chain can provide moonwell. likes of optimism and arbitrum are rather crowded.

I’ve given up; they’re not doing anything. It’s been four months, and we’re waiting for more utility. It was voted on, but no one is doing anything. It’s a waste of time; I’ve moved on to something else