Gauntlet Guardian - Borrow Cap Recommendations for xcUSDC (2024-04-12)

Simple Summary

Gauntlet will use Cap Guardian to increase the Borrow Cap for xcUSDC.

Current Borrow Cap Recommended Borrow Cap
xcUSDC 400,000 560,000

Gauntlet will be utilizing the Cap Guardian to enact this change as voted by the community within this forum post and proposal.

Supporting Data

xcUSDC Circulating Supply

The circulating supply of xcUSDC has increased 3x since our last recommendation to 681k xcUSDC, and expect this growth to continue further. The Borrow Cap is intended to accomodate the future growth.


xcUSDC Borrowing

Of the top 10 largest suppliers on xcUSDC, 4 have no debt on their collateral, and the rest are borrowing using both recursive and non-recursive strategies. Gauntlet will continue to monitor these positions.

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