Gauntlet Guardian - rETH Caps (2024-04-26)


Gauntlet will use Cap Guardian to increase caps for rETH.

Current Supply Cap Recommended Supply Cap Current Borrow Cap Recommended Borrow Cap
rETH 700 1000 200 250

Supporting Data

rETH Cap Recommendations

Cap Usage

The rETH Supply and Borrow Caps are >75% utilization.

rETH positions

Of the top 10 suppliers, three positions are supplying with no borrows, four positions are borrowing recursively, and 3 other positions are borrowing stables. The market can absorb the liquidation of all accounts borrowing stablecoins with only 0.2% slippage.

rETH Circulating Supply and Holders

rETH’s circulating supply on Base has also been increasing exponentially with over +50% increase in supply in the past 30 days along with increasing holder base.


The 25% DEX Liquidity has also improved since mid-April with close to 500 rETH needed to cause a 25% slippage.

Borrow can Supply Cap changes executed on chain.