Gauntlet Moonwell Quarterly Updates Q4 2023

Summary and Highlights

Sharing a recap of Gauntlet’s market risk management work with Moonwell in Q4 2023.

Category October Work November Work December Work Notes
Scheduled Monthly Parameter Recs for Base, Moonbeam, and Moonriver Markets Risk Parameter Recommendations 1 - Oct 18 Risk Parameter Recommendations 2 - Nov 7 Risk Parameter Recommendations 3 - Dec 6 Daily risk simulations and stress tests. Adjusting protocol parameters for market stability and growth support.
BASE Guardian Recs Lower USDbC Caps - Oct 5

Lower USDbC Cap - Oct 25
Increase wstETH Caps - Nov 13

Increase USDC Borrow Cap - Nov 23

Increase rETH Supply Cap - Nov 29
Cap Recs - Dec 6

Increase rETH Caps - Dec 7

Increase multiple Caps - Dec 11

Increase rETH Supply Cap - Dec 13

rETH Supply Cap Recommendations - Dec 18

Increase Caps on Base - Dec 28
Comprehensive BASE recommendations, including risk management strategies and guardian actions.
Additional Tools, Features, and Recommendations Q3 2023 Summary - Oct 30

Moonwell Account Explorer Dashboard - Nov 7

Market Risk Update - Nov 28
FRAX Liquidity Analysis & Recommendations - Dec 18

IR Curve Adjustment - Dec 20

Asset Listing Framework v2 - Dec 21

Roadmap on Nomad Incident Recovery - Dec 26
Integration of new tools, additional market analyses, risk assessments and strategic planning for special scenarios.

Upcoming Selected Work

  • BASE Support: Gauntlet will keep providing risk parameters, market risk assessments, and collateral enablement plans for all new asset listings on the Moonwell-BASE deployment
  • Continued support via Routine and Special Situation Risk Parameter Recommendations
  • Continued support of community initiatives, forum participation, and market alerts. Participation in Vendor-Led Community Calls

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