[Gauntlet] MultiChain Asset Market Risk Analysis

Hello Apollo Community,

We wanted to follow up with everyone to inform you that we are monitoring the Multichain situation. We are currently analyzing/monitoring multiple data points to understand better how this news might impact Moonwell protocol. Here are a couple of things we are monitoring:

  • Solarbeam liquidity for Multichain assets:
  • Depegging of Multichain Asset Prices
  • Growth of debt positions on Moonwell
Multichain Asset Total Liquidity DEX Prices
USDC.multi $782k $1.00
ETH.multi $251k $1,793
USDT.multi $239k $1.00

Apollo currently has adequate collateralization of debt positions and a high percentage of recursive positions (90%+ of debt positions) that minimize exposure to protocol insolvencies. Here are some visualizations to share:

Collateralization Ratio and Collateral Usage by Asset

Top Suppliers on Apollo

Top Borrowers on Apollo

Next Steps:

Gauntlet will continue monitoring the Moonriver Ecosystem and Apollo Protocol. If we see any potential risk, we will make recommended changes.