Moonwell Market Deployer

I’d like to announce the Moonwell Market Deployer!

This program is a simple tool that allows anyone to create the contracts required to add additional assets to the Moonwell protocol. It is specifically designed for non-technical users, so that anyone can participate in governance, regardless of whether they know how solidity or smart contracts work. Users simply run a command, answer a few questions, and a market will be deployed and configured in a way that is compatible to be added to Moonwell. You can check out a sample run of the program here!

Note that while this does the technical configuration for the protocol, markets will still need to be approved by governance before they are added to the protocol. The community has proposed an asset listing framework, and we presume that voters in the protocol will enforce these standards.

Interested users can check out the documentation here. Feature requests, and feedback are welcome, and we expect that this is the first of many tools we will build to make governance open and accessible to everyone.