RMRK as an asset for lending and borrowing

RMRK is the most advanced NFT system in the world, adding eternal liquidity and multi chain forward compatibility to all NFT projects coming out. An NFT can now be reused by any future project on any chain without official partnerships between the project creators.

RMRK is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Currency in the Skybreach metaverse [governance, staking]
  • Preventing fungible token spam
  • Using RMRK tokens to mint, trade, and generally interact with the NFTs in ecosystem

RMRK tools include:

  • RMRK tools to interact with NFTs on the command line and in web apps
  • RMRK spec to write your own implementation
  • RMRK pinning tools to pin for IPFS and regularly clean outdated pins from services like Pinata
  • A standalone, embeddable renderer for RMRK2 composable NFTs

What do you think about this?

Also I’m thinking about whether land plot in Skybreach or any NFT on moonriver can be an asset for lending and borrowing in Apollo? But this seems to be more of a question for devs.


Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a governance token, since people can simply borrow tokens to vote and return them right afterwards? Curious as to the benefit that adding RMRK to Moonwell would provide.

Until the metaverse is up and running and RMRK’s own protocols are in development, adding a token makes little sense. But, imagine a fully functioning metaverse and what kind of token trading volume it can generate. People can simply borrow RMRK from moonwell and achieve their own goals. Actually, as it is happening at the moment with the assets on moonwell. The user takes the asset and does whatever he needs to do with it, right?

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand what you wanted to say. We can continue the conversation if you rephrase. Thank you!

I have some thoughts on this, but they are superficial and may seem silly - I’m sorry if I seem like a noob =] I’m just trying to understand. I’m not a dev and I don’t know how to write code. I’ve been thinking about NFT and Liquidity, but I don’t see how it could work…

For example, a pool of 10 nft at $10 is created. So the value of the pool = $100. Next, a synthetic token is created, let’s call it iNFT, which expresses the total value of the locked NFTs.

Then, for example, if we create a pool iNFT/NewToken. Then, on the basis of this synthetic token, the pool will not be able to function because the mechanism for evaluating 10 basic NFTs, the synthetic expression of which is the iNFT token, is not clear? Also, we won’t be able to use the pool because we don’t have a clear understanding of how much each NFT costs, since it’s an illiquid asset and it’s not clear on what basis to take the price at the moment… Therefore, such a trading pair may have crazy volatility or there will be no trading at all hehe

My question is: how is it possible to solve the liquidity problem?