WELL Rewards for Moonwell’s Base Deployment


The activation of the Moonwell protocol on Base, endorsed by the passage of MIP-B0, opens an exciting new chapter in Moonwell’s development. The community now faces the strategic decision of determining how to allocate and distribute WELL incentives between the existing Moonbeam deployment and the new Base deployment. This proposal maps out various paths for consideration, placing this important decision squarely in the hands of the Moonwell community.


The Lunar Technology Foundation has allocated 15% of the WELL token supply (750,000,000 WELL) over 4 years, to be used as protocol rewards to incentivize liquidity providers on Moonwell. These rewards are balanced across Moonwell’s Moonbeam markets through Moonwell Improvement Proposals, based on TVL in each market. The most recent example of such a proposal was MIP-63, which transfers 5,048,077 WELL tokens to the Moonwell comptroller contract, to be rewarded to liquidity providers (suppliers) on Moonwell’s Moonbeam markets over the next four weeks.

As Moonwell is activating on Base, a reevaluation of WELL emissions is essential to align with the community’s preferences and strategic goals. Unlike Moonwell’s deployment on Moonbeam, which also has GLMR rewards, it is unclear whether there will be any ecosystem grants to put towards liquidity incentives on Base. It’s crucial that we act promptly to decide the best path forward for adding WELL liquidity incentives on Base markets.

I have outlined a few potential options for the community to consider and vote upon below.

Options for Consideration

  1. Redirect Unused Ecosystem Development Funds:

    • 1,467,500,000 WELL or 29.35% of the total token supply has been allocated for Ecosystem Development.
      • This allocation not only comprises the 15% (750m WELL over 4 years) currently being utilized to incentivize markets on Moonbeam, but also a 10% allocation for developer grants (500m WELL) and 4.35% additional unallocated funds (217.5m WELL).
    • The 217,500,000 WELL (4.35% of total supply) has not been utilized and could be allocated towards incentivizing markets on Base.
      • The main advantage of this path would be that markets on Base could be incentivized more quickly. Other options below will require the passage of a new reward speed proposal like the aforementioned MIP-63, which take place every four weeks.
  2. Split the Existing 750m WELL Currently Allocated for Liquidity Incentives:

    • Split based on TVL (Total Value Locked)
      • Proportionally split the currently allocated 750m WELL between Moonbeam and Base deployments based on the TVL in each network.
    • Fixed Percentage Split
      • Predetermined ratio of the currently allocated 750m WELL liquidity incentives between Moonwell’s Base and Moonbeam deployments.
        • 50% to Base and 50% to Moonbeam
        • 75% to Base and 25% to Moonbeam


This will be a ranked choice Snapshot vote. Please vote in order of preference:

  • Option 1 - Redirect previously unallocated liquidity incentives
  • Option 2 - Split existing allocation based on TVL
  • Option 3 - Fixed split of existing allocation (50% to Base and 50% to Moonbeam)
  • Option 4 - Fixed split of existing allocation (75% to Base and 25% to Moonbeam)

Based on the results of this snapshot vote, the option with the highest community support will be implemented, ensuring that the distribution of WELL incentives aligns with the community’s desires.


The activation of the Moonwell protocol on Base marks a momentous milestone, ushering in new possibilities and challenges alike. One of the first questions we as a community need to come together to decide upon is what WELL incentives will look like on Base and Moonbeam going forward.

Community members are encouraged to engage in open dialogue on the governance forum, participate in snapshot voting, and help shape the future of WELL incentives on Moonwell’s Moonbeam and Base deployments. By placing this critical decision in the hands of the community, Moonwell continues to embody the principles of decentralized governance and community-driven development.


wouldn’t that be a good opportunity to ask the treasury of polkadot & moonbeam for a liquidity grant to make all base users aware of dotsama ?:face_with_monocle:

And we could offer triple rewards:





“The 217,500,000 WELL (4.35% of total supply) has not been utilized and could be allocated towards incentivizing markets on Base.”
is the best option.
We need to capture the market on Base quickly before AAVE/ new protocols do that. Also, other options will lead to a reduction in reward rates and a decrease in TVL on Moonbeam.


Good luck to everyone !

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