Auto-compounding staking rewards functionality

Hi Team,

Can you add functionality for auto-compounding on the staking rewards?

This would be a great addition.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hey everyone!

Lovely to meet you all. I’m Dan from Gelato Network. We’ve recently received feedback from our Community Members and users within the Moonwell Ecosystem that implementing automatic compounding of rewards as well as other automated functionalities has been heavily requested.

Gelato Network is web3’s decentralized back-end designed to handle automation, relaying by empowering smart contracts across over 13 EVM compatible Networks.

Our infrastructure has been rigorously battle-tested and is currently being used to process thousands of transactions daily by the likes of some of web3’s leading protocols such as MakerDAO, Connext, Zed Run, Yearn, PancakeSwap and many more, with an aggregate of over 300 live integrations.

Feel free to check us out at and learn more about the services we provide.

I will be officially introducing myself to the Moonwell Community in the upcoming days so that we can successfully kickstart the Governance Process whereby an integration between Gelato & Moonwell can come to fruition.

Looking forward to working more closely together with you all!