Cross-Reward Campaign: Incentivizing security-conscious users within Moonwell ecosystem with QA points program

Title: Security-Conscious Points Program
Author(s): QuillAudits
Submission Date: May 22, 2024

Incentivizing security-conscious users in the Moonwell ecosystem with a QA points program depending on their engagement.

QuillAudits has been a web3 security leader since 2018 and has worked with ZetaChain, Polygon, Plume, Manta, Taiko, Metis, and 1000 more projects.

We have dropped our web3 security infra–AI agents and a supportive points program that puts the community, be it developer, consumer, or investor at the front and center.

We’re handpicking early participants who are ready to become security-conscious and are engaging with the top projects on Base including Moonwell.

Here’s the brief on our ecosystem (launched):
QuillCheck, fraud protection tool, has scanned over 100,000 token contracts and flagged 40,000 honeypots with thorough code checks in a matter of 90 days (you can see the scale of crypto scams).

QuillShield, our AI agent for Solidity is live, scanning all kinds of smart contracts for vulnerabilities with our in-house trained algorithm.

We wanna propose a collaboration with the Moonwell team to support this initiative to empower users and investors to become more risk-aware by incentivizing them points which will convert into $QUILL token airdrop.

For example, user engaging with the Moonwell platform can claim their QA points by

  1. Holding WELL/stkWELL or MFAM/stkMFAM tokenized positions in their wallet at the time of redemption on our Zealy/Website.
  2. Users can secure the Moonwell ecosystem by proving that they conduct due diligence on tokens they engage with.

QA points will convert in $QUILL token during the airdrop for which the ratio will be revealed later on.

The criteria and fractions are flexible and will be dependent on the Moonwell team once the proposal is taken into account the things are thoroughly been discussed.

If you agree for such a partnership to activate then please vote “Yay” and if you have doubts, please share and if you deny such collaboration then it’ll be counted as “Na”

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