Draft Moonbeam Grant Proposal

Hello Moonwell community!

I’ve created a draft of a grant proposal that the Moonwell community plans on submitting to Polkassembly in order to qualify for a GLMR grant to incentivize new liquidity on Moonbeam and Moonwell Artemis.

This proposal incorporates community feedback in terms of bridge selection (Wormhole) and asset support. It also aligns with a strategy that enables StellaSwap to build base liquidity, with the goal of restarting the Moonbeam Ecosystem Flywheel pictured below:

Healthy base liquidity in the form of wrapped and native assets leads to a buildup of liquidity on core DeFi primitives like DEXes and lending protocols (Moonwell), which leads to new/novel Dapps being launched, which brings more liquidity, etc. Restarting this flywheel is key to the long-term success of the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please feel free to comment or suggest changes directly in the document.