Marketing for Moonwell

Hello everyone, I just re-launched the proposal to reduce the proposal reward from 100,000 WELL to 10,000 WELL through the vote on Snapshot. My goal here, as explained in the proposal, is to market Moonwell with WELL tokens. I would like to discuss this with you. My idea is to launch a campaign on Galxe and Zealy with WELL as rewards for participants, in order to also promote the project to new people and the Moonbeam ecosystem.

To do this, the idea would be to encourage people to perform tasks on the Moonwell protocol, and actions on Twitter, like retweets, and spreading the word that Moonwell is deploying soon on BASE. I propose starting with a one-month or 15-day campaign with 100K WELL divided by 2, 50K WELL for Galxe and 50K WELL for Zealy.

I would like to hear your feedback and ideas on what you think, and how we can best gain traction. Thank you for your attention.