Gauntlet FRAX Borrow Cap Guardian - Moonriver


Gauntlet will use Cap Guardian to reduce Borrow Caps for FRAX on Moonriver.

Current Borrow Cap Recommended Borrow Cap
FRAX 500,000 270,000

Gauntlet will be utilizing the Cap Guardians to enact this change as voted by the community within this forum post and proposal.

Supporting Data

Gauntlet recommends lowering the borrowing cap of FRAX to 270k FRAX due to high utilization in the FRAX pool on Moonriver. There is no liquidity concerns but Gauntlet is recommending to reduce caps to prevent further borrowing and promote lower utilization.

Asset Current Borrow Cap Borrow Cap Usage DEX 25pct Slippage (Token)
FRAX 500,000 61% 65,000

Gauntlet has implemented these changes via Transaction 1