Gauntlet Market Alerts Channel - New!

Moonwell Market Alerts from Gauntlet - New Discord Channel

Market monitoring and metric tracking is part of Gauntlet’s Risk Management platform and services for the Moonwell community. To increase accessibility and transparency to the community, we have created a Discord channel titled “Market Alerts” where market alerts will be provided. Anyone can join the channel. We recognize that protocol stakeholders and users frequently check Discord more than the forums, so we hope this channel streamlines communications.

Alerts will flag indicators, including pool utilization, large user positions, liquidation, and concentration risks. These alerts aim to proactively update the community on market developments that Gauntlet’s monitoring platform identifies. For example, market updates on events such as the recent USDC volatility may be provided in this channel.

For issues that are very sensitive to protocol security, Gauntlet will exercise caution and reserve judgment around sharing information broadly before the issue is resolved.

We encourage anyone interested in keeping updated on protocol health to subscribe to the channel.