Gauntlet’s BASE/Moonbeam/Moonriver Recommendations (2024-01-02)

Thanks @WardenFinance,

Gauntlet used Cap Guardian to modify DAI and rETH cap (see here).

  1. DAI Cap Adjustments:
  • Supply Cap: Decrease from 7.5 million to 6.5 million.
  • Borrow Cap: No change, remaining at 6 million.
  • Reasoning: Despite a high borrow cap usage, the circulating supply of DAI has dropped significantly. The decrease in supply cap aims to reduce risk by not accumulating bad debt.
  1. rETH Cap Adjustments:
  • Supply Cap: No change, remaining at 600.
  • Borrow Cap: Increase from 100 to 200.
  • Reasoning: This is due to an increase in rETH’s circulating supply and holders, suggesting a healthier market condition.