Governance Overview

The Moonwell Governance Forum has been established as a space for the community to suggest, debate, and implement updates to the Moonwell Apollo and Artemis protocols. These updates may come in the form of adjustments to risk parameters, protocol improvements, support for new assets, etc.

Please read the Community Rules and Guidelines before participating in forum discussion!

Ideation & Discussion
Have an idea or want to start a discussion? If so, this is the category for you! Once an idea or discussion topic has been submitted, other community members will be able to give their opinion, provide additional analysis, ask questions, and debate potential ramifications. You can take the information gathered here to help formulate a proposal.

Ready to share your fully fleshed-out proposal with the community? In the Proposals category, community members are able to bring forth structured proposals for debate and discourse. Proposal authors can take the insight and feedback received from the community to edit and adapt their proposal before bringing it to a vote. Signal voting can also be utilized during this phase of governance to help further gauge community sentiment.

Before submitting a proposal to the forum, please consult the Proposal Guidelines for information regarding the required format/layout.

Off-chain proposals (those not requiring updates to the protocol codebase) may be submitted for snapshot voting by any wallet that possess enough voting power to meet the proposal threshold of 200,000 WELL/ 250,000 MFAM. Signal voting and voting on proposals that do not require upgrades or changes to the Moonwell Artemis code base utilize the Snapshot Voting Portal.

On-chain proposals (those that do require updates to protocol codebase) will be moved to the Moonwell Improvement Proposal subcategory once it has been submitted to the Governance Portal for voting.

Moonwell Improvement Proposals can be created and submitted for on-chain voting by any wallet that possesses enough voting power to meet the proposal threshold, which is currently set at 400,000 WELL/ 500,000 MFAM. Though not mandatory, it is highly recommended that a forum post is created prior to the proposal being submitted on chain, in order for the community to give their feedback. The voting period will last for 3 days to ensure community members have enough time to participate in the voting process. Once the proposal has passed and the timelock period has concluded, the proposal will be executed.

For additional information regarding Moonwell Governance, please consult the Governance section of the Moonwell Docs, the forum Knowledge Base or the Moonwell Discord.