Before You Post - Read This! [Proposal Guidelines]

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As part of Moonwell’s governance process, the community will be able to submit proposals to the forum and receive questions, feedback, and analysis from other members.

To ensure that the community will be able to provide constructive feedback, the proposal should at least include all of the following components in the following order:

Title: [Enter Proposal Title]
Author(s): [Enter Name(s) of Associated Authors]
Related Discussions: [Paste Link Here]
Submission Date: [Enter Date]

Summary: A brief summarization of your proposal
Overview: Paragraph(s) that explains your proposal in detail. You should try to be as informative and specific as possible in this section.
Motivation: Explanation of the motivation behind your proposal. Highlight key points on how the proposal will improve the protocol and benefit the community.
Implementation: Present the implementation of the proposal and specify the exact changes you are proposing. If you are proposing a change to protocol smart contracts, present code here.
Voting: Define what a “Yay” and “Nay” vote entails. If there are any Snapshot votes or forum polls associated with this proposal, please attach them.

Please keep proposals focused on a narrow set of changes, and try not to suggest multiple scenarios or actions simultaneously. If you’re unable to distill your idea down into a focused and organized proposal, share it first in the ideas subcategory.

Proposals that require onchain actions to be performed may proceed to becoming formalized Moonwell Improvement Proposals and ultimately voted upon by the Moonwell Community. For more information regarding the entire governance process, please read our Governance Overview thread.

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