MFAM Token Reallocation for Liquidity Incentives

Yes, I’m also disappointed by the new proposal, it doesn’t acknowledge the points raised in the discussion in any way. Is there a way to update it and state that this solution is an emergency patch and it has a limited timespan (meaning not 2-3-4 years, but maybe 2-3-4 months) and that these 2-3-4 months have to be used for a fruitful discussion and the design of a sustainable plan for the future?


Yes, I’ll try to share my idea tomorrow or Thursday here :raised_hands:t3:

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Hey all, coming off of the successful Snapshot vote for this proposal, I want to emphasize a few things that may make this seem less “final”, as there was a substantial number of votes cast in opposition:

  • At its core, this proposal served to signal what reward speed to set each month and from where to pull tokens from.

  • This is not a mandate to utilize the entire 20% Dev grants and incentives bucket for ecosystem incentives in a 2 year period.

  • Monthly onchain votes are still required to pull funds from this bucket.

  • Any community member can also put up an additional Snapshot at any time that defers from this plan.

This proposal was created to ensure that there will be MFAM available for the reward speed proposal next week. Otherwise, MFAM rewards would have gone to 0 on the Safety Module, Moonriver markets, and the Solarbeam DEX Farm — an outcome I believe we all wish to avoid. I’m happy we passed something to cover for the short term and I look forward to seeing other proposals that may update this MFAM reallocation plan.


Thanks for that clarification @coolhorsegirl and thank you for the work you put in to make this happen.