[MIP-20] Re-balancing of MFAM/MOVR Token Liquidity Incentives

Title: [MIP-20] Re-balancing of MFAM/MOVR Token Liquidity Incentives

Author(s): Fechuky

Submission Date: 01/20/2023

This proposal has been submitted to governance and is now up for voting! Check it out: https://gov.moonwell.fi/apollo/proposal/8


The Moonbeam Foundation has provided a grant of 9,926 MOVR to Moonwell Apollo liquidity providers for February in order to fuel the growth of the Moonriver ecosystem. In continuation with my previous proposal MIP-9, I am proposing reward speed adjustments that fully distribute these liquidity incentives to the Core lending protocol, as well as adjustments of MFAM liquidity incentives to the Safety Module, and the Solarbeam MFAM - MOVR farm.

As a part of this proposal, I have included a 100,000 MFAM grant to my wallet address. This is in line with the precedent set by community member not-taco in his first proposal on Moonwell Artemis (MIP-2), where he encouraged new people to submit proposals and maintain the protocol through governance.

Proposed Updates

Reward Speed

  • Safety Module:
    • 2.54 → 2.86 MFAM per second
      • Target APR: 80%
  • DEX LP:
    • 5.28 → 5.52 MFAM per second
      • Target APR: 90%
  • Core:
    • 285,000 MFAM per day
      • Target APR: ~0.04-0.77%
    • 354.5 MOVR per day
      • Target APR: ~0.43-2.59%
  • Moonwell Contributor Grant:
    • 100,000 MFAM → 0x87E1e08eDAfD16346d8328e2CF260ff8Bdad9e84

Upon execution, these new rates will come into effect and the Moonwell Contributor Grant will be transferred on [01/25 00:45 UTC +24 hour timelock]


MFAM - The Moonwell Apollo governance token.

Liquidity Incentives - MFAM and MOVR tokens used as rewards to incentivize liquidity growth.

Core - Moonwell Apollo protocol.

DEX LP - Solarbeam MFAM<>MOVR farm

Safety Module - Smart contract that backstops the Moonwell Apollo protocol in case of a “shortfall event”. Users are able to stake their MFAM and receive MFAM rewards.

Reward Speed - The rate at which MFAM and MOVR are distributed to DEX LPs, ,Safety Module stakers, and Core protocol suppliers/borrowers.


500,000,000 MFAM have been designated as liquidity incentives for Moonwell Apollo and will go to the Core protocol, Safety Module, and DEX LP. These tokens are intended to be allocated over a four-year period, beginning from the launch of the Moonwell Apollo protocol on 02/22/22. The ratio between these 3 components needs to be adjusted regularly to properly balance rewards and incentivize liquidity.

Below I have provided screenshots showing the previous balance of liquidity incentives between the 3 components and my proposed updates.

Safety Module

I will begin by covering the Safety Module. The Safety Module’s main function is to backstop the Moonwell protocol in case of a “shortfall event”, and rewards MFAM stakers for doing so. Safety Module rewards are distributed on a per-second basis and are rewarded evenly amongst staking wallets. This rate at which MFAM is distributed is known as the reward speed.

On 11/18/22, there was ~73M MFAM staking in the SM, at a valuation of $109,493.14. Since this time, the price of MFAM has remained relatively stable, at around $0.0016 and the amount staked has increased to ~109M MFAM. It is estimated that Safety Module TVL could grow to around $175,000 by 02/24/23. Therefore, it’s recommended that the reward speed for the SM be raised from 2.54 MFAM/second to 2.86 MFAM/second in order to maintain the target 80% APR at the estimated TVL of $175,000.


The MFAM - MOVR farm on Solarbeam DEX provides liquidity that allows users to buy or sell the MFAM token on their exchange. Incentivizing TVL in this farm is important as higher liquidity equals lower slippage for those swapping MFAM tokens. LPs earn rewards for adding liquidity to the pool and staking their LP tokens (tokens received for adding liquidity to the pool). This proposal will update the “reward period” for the farm, which includes both the reward speed (number of MFAM/second that are distributed to stakers) and an ending timestamp (which defines when the reward period will end).

On 11/18/22, the MFAM - MOVR farm on Solarbeam had a TVL of ~$243,6063 and it was estimated that it would grow to around $250,000 by 1/27/23. The target APR for the farm was 100%. This resulted in a reward speed of 5.28 MFAM/second and an end timestamp of 1674790200, which signifies Fri Jan 27 2023 03:30:00 GMT+0000.


On 01/17/23, the TVL in the farm was $290,468.23. The price of MFAM has remained relatively stable at around $0.0016. It is estimated that the TVL in the farm could increase to approximately $300,000 by 02/24/23. Therefore, it is recommended that the reward speed be adjusted to 5.52 MFAM/second, with an end timestamp of 1677196800, (Fri Feb 24 2023 03:30:00 GMT+0000).

Core Protocol Rewards - MOVR

The Moonbeam Foundation has provided a grant of 9,926 MOVR to Moonwell Apollo liquidity providers for Februrary in order to fuel the growth of the Moonriver ecosystem. Anyone that supplies or borrows on Moonwell Apollo will be able to claim these rewards from the Rewards modal found at the top of the Moonwell Apollo app. Like the Core Protocol MFAM rewards, these MOVR rewards are intended to incentivize LPs for providing useful liquidity to the protocol, and can also be split between each of the money markets/suppliers and borrowers at any arbitrary ratio.

As of 11/26/22, these were the reward emission ratios set for the Moonwell Apollo protocol:

This new proposal adjusts emission weightages to accommodate the relative changes in TVL in each of the markets, and also reduces the total emissions proportionally to match the reduced grant from the Moonbeam Foundation while fully distributing the MOVR rewards:


Thank you for taking the time to read my recommended updates to MFAM and MOVR liquidity incentive distributions. I hope you have taken the time to read through and understand my proposal. Please feel free to give me any feedback or questions that you may have!

I strongly encourage other community members to take an active role in governance. You can share your suggestions and ideas in the forum, and create proposals for the improvement of the protocol! As I have requested a grant for my labor and time spent in the preparation of this proposal, I urge other members of the community who undertake similar work to do the same so that their contributions are appropriately recognized and rewarded.

Finally, though I am an independent member of the Moonwell community, I have consulted with other Moonwell contributors regarding reward distribution data and generating/verifying proposal call data.

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