Moonriver Ecosystem Service Interruption Notification

Gauntlet wants to notify the community that Kusama has experienced a block dispute that has halted production of blocks on all Kusama parachains. This has impacted Moonriver. There is currently no ETA on when service will return. Here is the following messaging from Moonriver:

On Friday, September 1 2023, at ~06:17 UTC, a block dispute on Kusama halted the production of blocks on all Kusama parachains, including Moonriver. The Polkadot Technical Fellowship, the Parity Infrastructure team and the Moonriver team are investigating the issue.
There is no currently no ETA to service recovery. We will inform you once Moonriver is back online.

Gauntlet will continue to monitor the situtation and get back to community on next steps.

Moonwell Moonriver Risk Update

Gauntlet is continuing to monitor xcKSM and MOVR prices since parachains stopped including new blocks. Within the past 24 hours, there has been little price volatility to these assets:

The risk of bad debt and failed liquidations are not severe based on drawdown scenarios to xcKSM and MOVR assets on the Moonriver protocol:

At 50% markdown for xcKSM and MOVR, we would have a total borrow positions of $73k become liquidable with the largest position being $15.6k. Moonriver’s two largest at-risk positions are the following 23e1dfcab7a and 819034ed71.

At this time our top borrowers are not at risk if there is a significant price (50%) drop in MOVR and xcKSM.

Top Borrowers Entire Supply in USD

Top Borrowers Entire Borrows in USD

Top Borrow Addresses - Borrow Balance & Borrow Usage

Next Steps

  • Continue monitoring for Moonriver service to resume and xcKSM, MOVR, and FRAX markets.

Quick Update:
Moonriver blocks have resumed adding blocks:
Moonriver Blocks | Moonriver

We will continue to monitor for any impact to Moonwell Moonriver.