Proposal of Allocating WELL/ETH LP on Detto Finance

Dear Moonwell community,

It’s my utmost honor to reach out to you on behalf of Detto Finance, a NFT and farming protocol recently launched on BASE. At our infant stage, we are actively working with different DEXs and lending platforms to amplify our project awareness. Moonwell, as the flagship and an example of professionalism of the entire ecosystem, is a community that we are eagerly looking to explore and collaborate with.


For the purpose of introducing Detto Finance to Moonwell old schools, we propose the establishments of 2 farming pools incentivised with $DETO token on Detto Finance:

Pool #1: Stake $WELL to earn $DETO
Duration: 2 months
Total Emission: 1,340,000 DETO (12,000 USD worth of $DETO)


Pool #2: Stake Moonwell $WELL-WETH LP to earn $DETO (Duration: 2 months)
Duration: 2 months
Total Emission: 1,340,000 DETO (12,000 USD worth of $DETO)

About Detto Finance

Detto Finance is a one-stop platform that seamlessly integrates NFT trading, mining and yield farming into one. Detto Finance’s Strives to revolutionize the existing NFT ecosystem through provisions of a user-friendly experience and an ever-evolving interactive mechanism for collectors and investors.

Since launch, Detto Finance has gradually built up an initial user base as well as a reliable project integrity. Audited by Certik, the entirety of the coding logic is made transparent to all users, along with the implementations of a timelock and liquidity lock which further enhances the security of your assets. The team firmly upholds a moral code of being professional and responsible in our ways of conduct.

Security aside, Detto Finance is dedicated to prolonging the lifespan of the ecosystem and its native token, and it adopts one of the most aggressive deflationary measures to preserve the real value of your farming return. 50% of the $DETO tokens consumed during the purchases of NFTs are sent to be burnt, which is echoed with periodic buybacks of $DETO tokens and NFTs from the secondary market.

Being an enthusiastic and ethical player on BASE, Detto Finance managed to forge partnerships with many reputable DEXs on BASE. We never hesitate to share our incremental user growth, and are willing to offer generous financial incentives to the most vibrant communities on BASE. Once an infant, Detto Finance possesses the potential of becoming the next DeFi giant on BASE.

Links for Reference

Audit report by Certik: Detto Finance - CertiK Skynet Project Insight