Quantix Capital x Moonwell

I’m Marco Tumminaro, Investments Analyst at Quantix Capital, and I’m reaching out to you with keen interest about your project.

At Quantix Capital, we take a unique approach to support blockchain projects like Moonwell. Rather than focusing on traditional venture fund strategies our model is built around providing comprehesive support and strategic synergies tailored to your specific targets.

We believe that our expertise and resources being a part of the crypto landscape for more than 7+ years could serve as a valuable asset to Moonwell, particularly in areas such as marketing, market making, exchange listings, tokenomics, capital raising, treasury management and exploring potential collaborations that aligns best with your needs.


Partnering with Quantix Capital opens up new avenues for growth, innovation, and success for Moonwell in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape. We’re genuinely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with your team and contribute to your continued success.

Our partnership model and thesis is relatively different than a typical venture fund. We believe most venture and investment funds act in a predatory way. So our fund designed a model that was focused on long term goals rather then liquidating projects for short term liquidity. We focus on exchange listings, community growth, token management etc. We usually take a small percentage of the token supply locked for 18 months based on kpis. Our goal is to help projects eliminate heavy burn rate from things like MM & marketing so you can focus more on development and project scalability.

We like to closely collaborate with the project and try to bring in as much value as we can from our end apart from the services itself so the team gets to focus on the product, community, and development and we ensure a successful journey for the long run exploring possible strategic synergies.
Looking forward to the possibility of working together.