Replacing the reward in Crew3/Zealy on the Well token.

Dear Moonwell Community. Some time ago Crew3/Zealy was launched to promote the project. At moment rewards in Crew3/Zealy paid out in USDC tokens. The Moonwell project has a “treasury” that contains 19.5% of Well tokens.

I think it would be a good decision to replace USDC rewards with Well token rewards.

For reasons:

  1. The cost of marketing and awareness of the project is one of the most important and they need to be financed from “treasury”.
  2. Users will be able to decide whether to sell tokens on the market or stay in the project and use Well tokens in the ecosystem.
  3. Due to the targeted use of tokens from the “Treasury”, we will be able to increase the reward and the number of awarded places. That will allow to attract more users to accelerate the marketing growth of the project.

I ask the respected community to consider the proposal and use the resources of the “Treasury” to great benefit for the project.

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