Stellaswap Delegation Pitch

Name: StellaSwap

Wallet address: 0x4300e09284e3bB4d9044DdAB31EfAF5f3301DABa

Background/Qualifications: StellaSwap is the leading DEX in the Polkadot ecosystem, and we take a keen interest in the markets that Moonwell supports.

Statement of intent: StellaSwap aims to take an active role in the Moonwell community and support the protocol with the submission of governance proposals, beginning with MIP-17 to add a new BUSD.wh market on Moonwell Artemis.

An objective here is to create alignment between markets with deep liquidity on Stellaswap and Moonwell. This will be an ongoing relationship we will seek to maintain by supporting Moonwell governance.


Can vouch for the stellaswap team. Good guys who care about the moonbeam ecosystem.

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