Warden Finance Delegation Pitch

Hi all,

We’re Warden Finance. We help DeFi protocols identify and manage risks. We recommend parameter optimizations based on our in-house research, participate in governance, and build transparent analytics and risk tools. We’re on a mission to make DeFi data comprehensible and democratize sound risk management practices.

Our team has extensive experience in crypto, finance, and software engineering. As builders, we’ve completed several projects for notable DAOs (AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, Euler, Notional).

Our main contribution in DeFi is the Warden Finance risk & analytics platform .

We want to actively contribute to the Moonwell DAO on risk and governance-related topics. By delegating to us we will be able to vote on risk and governance proposals using our in-house analytics and field expertise.

In the coming months, we plan to build analytics and risk simulation tools for the Moonwell Apollo and Artemis protocols. The tools will help users in the following aspects:

  • Visualize their positions and simulate the impacts of changes in asset prices
  • Visualize high level risk metrics for the protocols
  • Explore all of the protocol accounts, liquidations, transactions, markets and assets
  • Access real-time market risk monitoring for all of the onboarded assets

We also plan to provide recommendations for the following parameters based on the data we provide through the tooling:

  • Collateral factor / Reserve factor / Close factor / Borrow cap / Liquidation Incentives
  • Interest rate model

We also plan to help with onboarding Moonwell on Base chain by providing recommendations for the initial set of assets and their parameters.

We look forward to answering your questions about our delegate platform and starting to contribute more actively to the DAO.

Feel free to reach us out on Twitter @warden_finance or on Telegram @shippooor

Our wallet: wardenfinance.eth