Warden <> Moonwell Aerodrome Liquidity Manager

Warden <> Moonwell Aerodrome Liquidity Manager


Warden Finance proposes to manage Aerodrome’s liquidity incentives allocation for the DAO. This proposal is conditional upon the success of the snapshot vote proposing to allocate 52.7M WELL tokens to incentivize Aerodrome DEX liquidity.

The Aerodrome liquidity manager role would complement our mandate to manage Moonwell Base reward distributions, as well as the risk management and analytics services that we already provide to the DAO.


The Aerodrome liquidity manager is tasked with both managing WELL token incentives on Aerodrome, as well as keeping the Moonwell community informed of performance levels and any distribution changes in order to increase the liquidity of WELL on Base.

This proposal aims to enable the Warden Finance team as liquidity manager for Aerodrome DEX incentives on behalf of the community.

About us

Warden Finance is a team of software engineers and financial analysts that have extensive experience in crypto, finance and software. We specialize in helping DeFi protocols manage risk and surface meaningful data with the help of custom tooling and in depth on-chain analysis. We strive to make DeFi more secure, comprehensible and empower its users to participate along with us.

In the past years, not only have we been closely collaborating with the Moonwell team, but we’ve also been working with multiple other notable projects and DAOs like AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, Euler, and Notional.

Our biggest contribution to DeFi is our open risk & analytics platform.

We currently provide bi-weekly analysis of Moonwell’s risk parameters and propose parameters for new asset onboardings to Base in efforts to foster Moonwell’s growth. We believe that we have the right expertise and tools to help the DAO allocate DEX liquidity rewards.



Our goal is to maintain deep liquidity levels for the WELL token on Base by allocating the incentives on Aerodrome in the most capital-efficient manner possible.

Key Principles

  • Quantitative-based approach: Our allocation optimization methodology maximizes capital efficiency by pondering the expected value of each individual strategy.
  • Transparency: Data points along with methodology will be available for the community. We will also provide monthly performance reports to the community and communicate any change.


Two strategies are available to the Aerodrome liquidity manager in order to provide incentives for users to LP.

  • Bribing - Bribe veAERO holders using WELL tokens to vote on the WELL / WETH gauge, increasing AERO rewards allocation to WELL / WETH LPs.
  • Direct incentives - Offer WELL rewards to WELL / WETH LPs.

Every epoch, our model will determine whether it is expected to be more favorable to bribe veAERO holders or to incentivize the pool directly. If the expected value of bribing is positive, then we will allocate rewards towards bribing veAERO holders to vote on WELL / WETH gauge. Otherwise, we will allocate WELL incentives to directly incentivize LPs.

Additionally, as a launch partner for Aerodrome, Moonwell DAO may receive a veAERO voting power grant. Should the DAO receive the grant, we will ensure the voting power is directed towards increasing AERO incentives for WELL / WETH LPs. veAERO tokens will be re-locked on a regular basis in order to maintain voting power.


Warden Finance is offering to manage the Aerodrome liquidity incentives for the total duration of the AERO incentives program, corresponding to 2 years or 100 epochs of 7 days.

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