Add MFAM on Optimism

It was a great idea to add WELL on BASE! All owners of WELL are very happy about that.

However, you also have a second token on moonwell which is called MFAM. Many MFAM holders, who are often the same people as WELL holders, struggle from not seeing much improvements for MFAM and no liquidity growth in Moonriver.

So to solve this problem in a very elegant manner, basically similar to WELL on BASE, we suggest you add MFAM on Optimism blockchain!
There are several reasons to in doing so:

  1. As you can see on there is very small competition between Lending protocols in Optimism. Basically just AAVE which is not native and Sonne, whose TVL is holding on the same level for already a year since April 2023. So I feel like you can compete with them. We saw how spectecually successful WELL was in beating AAVE, Compound and Seamless within just a few months on BASE! So I am sure you can succeed with MFAM on OP too. Why not?

  2. Optimism are good friends of BASE, you’re very close to BASE, so that’s why we think it’s totally achievable for MFAM to succeed on OP with some support from OP too.

  3. It’s very easy for you to copy all new code and website improvements from WELL to MFAM. It’s basically one website, but two tokens and different Chains.

  4. Optimism will also be happy to see such a great team like yours in helping them grow Optimism TVL.

  5. This will provide new great opportunities for MFAM growth and development. All MFAM holders, believers in the Moonwell team in general, will be really happy & grateful.