It's all about your first token "mfam" (moonwell Apollo)

Hi moonwell team !

I am from india. I think I am the first youtuber who introduced your project and mfam token.
We understand market was bearish and mfam went down. I admit mfam have a governence use case.
However team don’t talk about mfam anymore. If somebody asks than one of your admin says “moonriver is not healthiest project”
Iook like team avoiding question just by saying it’s not healthiest.
You guys are so experienced, It so sad if you says moonriver is not healthiest. We should respect and it’s not the matter blockchain is healthier , it’s really matter how much serious team is about to say something about mfam.
It should be remembered mfam was the first token in your ecosystem.
And you guys only implementing the moonwell. Team even don’t talk about mfam any more. No announcement about mfam. If you guys don’t have any thing to say about mfam token. Than why you are aliving this token. Just keep only moonwell. Thats it I wanna says you guys. All this depends on your honesty now.
Be serious and take to the moon everything with you. Week should be feel strong with team. Don’t left behind you real and first asset. Just talk about about it some time.

Hey @Kanchan2000! You are correct that Moonwell Apollo was Moonwell’s first deployment and holds a special place in the hearts of many in the Moonwell community. The health of the ecosystem (Moonriver), is something that has been brought up due to recent events with Multichain and just a general lack of network activity. The reality is that the growth of Moonwell’s deployment on Moonriver is tied to the health and development of the Moonriver and Kusama networks it resides in (liquidity, assets available to list, userbase, etc). An important next step for the Moonriver community will be to find and onboard a new bridge partner.

Something you may have missed, the Moonwell Apollo community recently deployed an Aera vault, funded by a portion of the Moonwell Apollo protocol reserves. This is unique to Moonwell Apollo and currently holds around ~$250k of USDC and ETH. A large portion of a recent community call was dedicated to this very topic.

You honestly seem to be primarily focused on token value, not the underlying protocol. Moonwell contributors and moderators won’t comment on token price.

You answered me because you wanted to answer only.
But real thing and actual fact is that you guys are not serious about mfam now.
Actually you are really serious about moonwell only as recently you implemented only moonwell on base chain but you should have been implemented mfam aswell because you already said moonriver is not that healthy ecosystem . How about you didn’t implemented in base chain than.
but you guys ignored and no listing nothing and no announcement nothing.
As I can see in your announcement channel you guys gives updates 99.9 % about only for moonwell.
Please don’t answer because only you wanted to.
Let me know what is gonna happen about listing and what you gonna do about make mfam more healthy.
Any plan ?
Don’t go behind to my words only. Please tell what is your plan to do .

Honestly, I’m going to depart from this conversation. I’m not going to speculate on exchange listings or anything of that sort. IMO, the focus should be on what can the community do to elevate the Moonriver ecosystem and the Moonwell Apollo protocol.