To include MFAM as the governance token of the Base version of MoonWell

hi, since MFAM is an important part of MoonWell, then in all fairness, we should also let MFAM holders to vote whether they want to govern the MoonWell (BASE) along side with WELL token holders.

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Totally agree, it seems fair.

The newly developed “Temporal Governance” system will leverage Wormhole message passing to enable WELL to govern Moonwell’s Base deployment. Wormhole message passing isn’t supported on Moonriver.

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Hi @ultraman0000

As @majin has described, this is not possible and even if it were possible, it would be too confusing for Artemis users… I think we shouldn’t confuse the new base users with the dotsama 2 token model :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

in this discussion i shared an idea how we can take apollo users with us on the artemis spaceship during this challenging time :v:t4:

if i get enough feedback i can start a community proposal :saluting_face:

How much feedback is required to start a community proposal ?

there are no requirements, i just would love to get opinions from apollo community members before we start a community proposal :v:t4:

I see. Definitely in favour of getting a proposal up.

I think is a great idea, we really need a proposal about this topic.

Yes :+1: i spend the last 2-3 days to get as much feedback as possible from the Moonbeam, river Apollo & Artemis community as possible.
Unfortunately, the vote on the Moonbeam eco grants took place this days as well, and some community members are more focused on the outcome of this…all good!

I had more or less positive feedbacks that the majority is in favour to onboard the activ Apollo users to Artemis…some guy even posted a sheet how much benefitial it would be for Artemis governance! In terms of decentralization.

Lets wait a bit more and i would be happy to post a community proposal :v:t4:


Getting ready to vote!

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GM @ultraman0000

I’ll prepare it in the next few days, but first let’s wait for the smooth launch of Artemis on base :large_blue_circle::fire:

in the meantime i tried to get the feedback from the community as good as possible and made a new attempt to bring the community to one place. with the help of the moonriver/beam community, we have formed a new “unofficial” TG for Moonwell. if you are not part of it, please join →

the existing unofficial moonwell tg groups are from the public sale time and not usefull at all, toxic members with a lot of fud etc :roll_eyes:

Hopefully we can share this group in the main channel at some point to onboard the new Moonwell community members :saluting_face:

Nice sunday guys

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Definitely should not include MFAM in this Governance stuff as it will confuse everyone. Already it will be confusing for BASE degens to get WELL on Moonbeam via Stellaswap etc etc…

Need a Coinbase on ramp soon - perhaps us building on BASE will help…(and founder being ex coinbase)

Yes you are right .mfam is best part of moonwell ecosystem. Let see what team is bringing. They don’t event makes any announcements about mfam.