Fractional Governance

If you look at the governance models that exist today in the current markets. You see now people complaining to feel part of governance. What can we do differently that allows everyone to participate. Doesn’t matter if it’s just well or mfam. Look at governance as a whole. You see bigger centralization. Can we do it differently?

Could we create fractional governance. To have something entirely different. Where everyone could participate.

I think through Moonwell and Guantlet we could come up with a better idea.

When you look at Quorum, it is a set amount of votes needed to lock in the vote.

A Fractional Quorum

Would allow more to participate by wallet size

Reduce staking rewards down to allocate incentives for governance.

Reward for governance some type of incentive for helping founding decisions. We see this now for those who make proposals.
Just it doesnt really apply to those voting who make governance up as a whole.

This is across many chains.

In return we see many chains fail to identify what it takes to make everyone feel apart of governance.

Any suggestions please comment.

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