Gauntlet Delegation Pitch

  • Name: Gauntlet

  • Our Moonbeam erc-20 address: 0x84165355AFbFB553f3a58f1C6f3b5e2E7d7C244d

  • Twitter: @gauntletnetwork

  • Website:

  • Statement of intent, Framework for voting, Background and Qualifications:

Gauntlet’s delegate guidelines are informed by our core values and prior experience serving as one of the most active third party partners in DeFi, submitting hundreds of proposals across various protocols and chains.

Core Values:

  • Quantitative risk management
  • Maximizing risk adjusted protocol income
  • Minimizing insolvent debt to some tolerance

Gauntlet will use its platform to manage market risk, improve capital efficiency, and automate parameter recommendations for Moonwell. As such we will seek to provide insights into quantitative decisions with a focus on market risk. Gauntlet aims to elide ourselves from emotional and politically charged votes that do not readily admit quantitative analysis.

Gauntlet will look to support measures to maximize risk adjusted protocol income through parameter changes, asset listings, or other means.

Gauntlet generally supports proposals for protocol development which further ecosystem growth, research, security, and novel use-cases.

Gauntlet will use our standard framework for voting, where we will provide a summary, our motivation and reasoning, which is always backed by polished data insights, and next steps for any recommendations we propose.

For any further interest into our team, our model methodologies, and our work across DeFi, feel free to visit our website and check out our team and blog pages at Thank you!