MFAM Staking. Safety Module

I have some thoughts on the current and future use of the MFAM Safety Module.

Since the issuance of tokens for the community is limited to 500 million MFAM, the question arises, how will the Safety Module function in the future? My proposal for discussion is to create a mechanism to buy back tokens from the market using protocol revenues and send it to the Safety Module for subsequent staking and distribution of tokens among stakers which is consistent with the Safety Module narrative. Thus, we will provide a Safety Module with users who will leave their tokens in staking.

Also, what if we create a mechanism for voting with MFAM tokens for users who want to receive a certain allocation of MFAM tokens for a certain asset for lending. This will allow, instead of selling MFAM tokens, to create demand, as this will increase the percentage of incentives that their potential assets will receive. Looking to the future, we will see that users compete for the maximum amount of MFAM so that they can provide a revenue stream.

Following these two concepts, we can divide the number of tokens buy back from the market and send them 50 to 50. That is, half to the security module, half to allocation for users who provide their asset for lending.



題外話,Blockchain Explorer 內的token資訊
WELL Total Supply : 5,000,000,000
MFAM Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Hmm :thinking: I first heard about euler from you. Well, if this is already used somewhere, then this is the place to be.

Hi guys
My idea is to distribute some % of the protocol fee‘s to MFAM stakers. This would increase the demand for MFAM tokens in the short and longterm. Buying back MFAM tokens makes a lot of sense at a later stage.


我想也是,功能完善能對協議有幫助,一起發展成為波卡生態最強借貸協議 :+1:

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Yep, we need to create a cycle in the use of MFAM. It is necessary to make sure that there is no need to sell the token. At least for the most devoted followers, that is, those who want to governance the protocol now and in the future. But I also don’t want to say “let’s pump it into the sky forever”. Moderate growth should be so that the value of the token is visible but without fanaticism. Because it can be devastating.

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what would be your idea in terms of fees distribution ? demand would be of course higher, mfam price would rise and new capital would inflow the apollo protocol.
movr and mfam is a community first project.

mfam price 可能上漲或下跌,更多的是帶來流動性.
重點如 @hash414 表示: This will allow, instead of selling MFAM tokens, to create demand.

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Yes i‘m open for that idea! I just think for the short and long term some protocol fee distribution for MFAM stakers would have the bigger impact…

說到Buying back MFAM tokens
第一個想到 Pancake
對Buying back tokens長遠產生什麼影響,還在觀察.

也許我們可以開啟提案讓夥伴們決定了 :wink:

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Yes! Thats a nice idea!

This would give me a reason to stack more mfam. Right now I cant see any reason to.


can we have a team member or ambassador’s opinion on this topic please :)?

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@majin 很適合,但不確定他是不是有看到這個討論

其實我買了20W個well token並發起提案,但發現沒有什麼能支持的數據分析

這把我難倒了,所以我又默默的下架提案了 :flushed:
大家覺得怎麼描述這個提案比較好 :innocent:

Like with any idea that the community is working towards developing into a full fledged governance proposal, I would just suggest that you all take the due diligence to hash out the finer details, weigh the pros and cons, and formulate/present a well thought out and organized proposal.