MoonWell Apollo - Expansion Polkadot

As we look at the Base Expansion, success has been achieved for Artemis.

I believe its time MoonWell expands its reach further,

Asking Dev Cordination with the Security Council to aid in MoonWell Apollo Polkadot Expansion.

Polkadot is growing. It is growing fast in development. May not have the transactions or TVL yet.

I know theres not anyone that wants to develop Apollo Further,

This expansion would make our ecosystem even bigger.

Please consider this,



Ciao @CryptoAbe

Ehat do you mean with expansion to polkadot ? Moonwell is already live on Moonbeam/Dot…

Typically when you post in here ideas are shut down, or theres no response to. Hince the Vague Topic.

Looking at the scope of Apollo, people want to see something.

If its a update inside or out then so be it. Our community is growing. People like Apollo. Past forum post have not gained any reach.

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Hey @CryptoAbe. I know you’ve seen it (as you blew up on others in the post), but judging by this forum post, the Moonbeam Foundation is keen to get the Moonriver eco back on it’s feet through a new MOVR ecosystem grants campaign and onboarding of Axelar wrapped assets. Moonwell Apollo DAO delegate @coolhorsegirl has signaled the community’s intent to participate.


Thankyou @coolhorsegirl @majin


I support this idea. The Appolo project is very interesting from the investment side. Moonriver is more volatile, this will look interesting for new users in the market.

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Really true, Polkadot 2.0 is around the corner and would be great to get back to roots and push Polkadot ecosystem again to the top along Moonwell

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I chose Apollo for what it represents. A group of us set down we analyzed all the possibilities that the people would walk away last year. It happened.

Apollo is everything i wanted in a DAO. Tho we chose not to be delegates to keep decentralization a reality.

We may not have the innovation, but our core is strong. Every day it becomes stronger. I truly believe the Devs intentions was to build a decentralized community. Maybe somewhere along the way those ambitions changed between delegates or Devs, it seems.

As of now we can not go back, except go forward. The stronger we become, the greater chance of what once was believed is hopefully rekindled.

People call MoonRiver a Test Net
Apollo a Test Project

The more i see makes me want to support Apollo even more.

Crypto Abe