Moonwell Proxy Report - Feb 2024

:wave: Hi Moonwell Community,

As part of Boardroom’s support for Moonwell, we’ll be creating a bi-annual report titled “Proxy Report”. The document is intended to capture a 360-degree view of Moonwell DAO Governance. As part of our kickoff with Moonwell, we’ve created the first Proxy Report dated February 2024.

:point_right: You can read the full Report here.

Don’t have time to read the full report?

Check out the Executive Summary:

Lastly, Reports will always be cross-posted in the Forum and on Moonwell’s project page in the Boardroom App.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. From this report, what opportunities do you see for new proposals?
  2. How does this report help you think about the state of Moonwell governance and how you can make changes?
  3. What surprised you in this report?
  4. What other insights did you gather that would be good for the entire community to know?