Who is Boardroom and Why Are We Here?

Boardroom is a governance platform offering proxy services, tooling, and data to protocol contributors and stakeholders, helping them make faster, smarter, and more informed decisions. We host 350+ DAOs on our platform and have actively participated in the growth of decentralized governance over the last three years.

Boardroom Goals

Boardroom is here to support the Moonwell protocol as a Governance Facilitator. The main through-line for this partnership involves increasing participation and engagement within the protocol’s governance.

What is a Governance Facilitator?

The role of a Governance Facilitator is to support a project’s community in cultivating effective and scalable governance processes, providing support for governance operations, reducing information asymmetry across Moonwell’s governance, and providing support to stakeholders and delegates.

One can think of a Governance Facilitator as akin to a proxy advisory service in traditional corporate governance, i.e. a neutral, independent third party that provides services to:

  1. Token holders to participate in community governance in an educated, informed manner.
  2. Delegates and contributors to ensure best practices are observed to benefit the project.

Our main functions as a Governance Facilitator are to:

  1. Support DAO operations

  2. Generate standardized and recurring content supporting governance including:

  3. Weekly Summaries - An outline of all votes, proposals, and changes executed

  4. Monthly Reports - A global overview of decisions, stakeholders, and insights

  5. Monthly Governance Calls - An open forum encouraging community input

  6. Support Members, Stakeholders, and Delegates through onboarding, proposal building, and consensus gathering

Stay Involved

Keep up to date with our contributions through existing forum links:

  1. Weekly Updates

  2. Monthly Reports

  3. Monthly Governance Calls

Important Dates
Weekly Updates will be posted on each Monday.
Monthly Reports will be posted on the last day of each month
Monthly Governance Calls are scheduled for the first week of each month.

In addition to the forums, you can find dedicated Moonwell Governance Facilitators in the Moonwell Discord. Your Facilitators are:

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We are excited to support Moonwell and look forward to helping make Moonwell a baseline in DeFi governance.