Move the nomad tokens to the archive

Hi guys! Do you plan to move the nomad tokens to the archive? no new user will use the service, half of whose tokens are worth nothing (*.mad).
The market is recovering, an influx of new users is possible. But no users will use a half-working site. I do not see a big problem to display *.nomad tokens somewhere in a separate section. Better to forget about them. It’s not entirely clear why you can’t use *.wh tokens instead of *.nomad tokens?


Hi @lugovoy, this is a great idea. Please take a look at the latest refresh of Moonwell Artemis that overlapped your post. The current default is to show deprecated assets however once the community adds new markets then the default can be set to hide deprecated assets.

Show Deprecated Assets Default (on)

Show Deprecated Assets (off)


wow, it’s great that you responded so quickly.
The only edit - in my opinion it would be better for a new user to display the page immediately without deprecated assets. If a person wants to see them, he can click on the checkmark. Red inscriptions can scare new users…imho


Generally agreed @lugovoy!

I think we should wait to see what happens with this upcoming wormhole proposal, and the intention was to not just change things overnight, but provide multi-phase deprecation, starting with these banners and eventually having the Show Deprecated Assets default off.

One idea I had was to make the checkbox persistent, so if you tick it off it’ll stay off between page loads - what do you think about that?