Set up a WELL market on Base

I’d like to formally propose creating a market for the WELL token, specifically on Base. There are two reasons. The first is, since the last time this was proposed in 2023, Moonwell has acquired substantial liquidity on Base. According to CoinGecko, as of 7/3/2024 the 2% depth on the WELL token is over $170,000.

The second is that Moonwell on Base supports lending limits. An important consideration with listing Governance tokens is to avoid a Curve-like issue, where an early backer deposited all their tokens into Aave and took out a loan with no intention to pay it back, creating a potential ticking time bomb.

I suspect once Moonwell’s security partners do their analysis they will recommend conservative limits for the WELL token.

The advantage for WELL holders is clear - additional utility for the token.

As for the asset listing framework, I don’t feel I’m well positioned to answer some of the questions, and they feel like odd things to report back to the Moonwell Team itself, who would have better knowledge of their own token than a community member.