0xMims - Delegation Pitch


ERC-20 address: 0x657D07095b082BB71ebD93F549f407A97f49094F

Twitter: @0xMims

Statement of Intent

My delegate guidelines are informed by my core values and extensive experience in leadership roles, including my tenure as Head of Written Research at Penn Blockchain and my current position at Blockworks Research. In my free time, I am dedicated to serving as a delegate, like in Moonwell, where I can contribute to the communal decision-making processes with a focus on transparency and sustainable growth.

Core Values:

  • Analytical Rigor: I’d like to leverage research and data analysis to aid in informed decision-making and ensure that all recommendations are grounded in solid evidence.
  • Community Engagement: Fostering an inclusive and participatory environment where all stakeholders have a voice and are encouraged to contribute to the governance process.
  • Sustainability: Advocating for initiatives that promote long-term ecosystem growth, security, and innovation while balancing risks and rewards.

I will leverage my experience at Blockworks Research and FranklinDAO to enhance the protocol’s and the community’s decision making processes for the greater sustainability and longevity of Moonwell Finance.

I will support initiatives to maximize protocol income, whether through parameter change, asset listings, or other means.

I will endorse proposals for protocol development that promote ecosystem growth, advance research, or further security.

For any further interest in who I am or my viewpoints, feel free to check me out on Twitter at 0xMims. Or if you would prefer to send me a DM on telegram, you can message me at ap0llxn. Thank you!

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