Xavier D'Mello - Delegate to me

Name: Xavier D’Mello
Wallet: 0x7e4a3edd2F6C516166b4C615884b69B7dbfF3fE5

I intend to be a Moonwell delegate.


Hi! I’m Xavier, an avid tech enthusiast, and blockchain developer. I’ve been involved in the crypto space for a while: rode the hype train back in 2017; started mining; soon enough I found myself learning about new blockchains and projects all the time. I got into DeFi about a year ago, trying various protocols and strategies that were awful ideas in hindsight (lol).

I came up with a few strategies of my own, but never went through with them because they were far too hands-on for my liking. However, a single thought still lingered in the back of my mind - what if I could automate them?

Months of learning how to program smart contracts, observing the market, and studying the successes and failures of one too many protocols has made this idea a reality. I’m currently working on Surge, a project that integrates with Moonwell and Lido to earn yield on stable assets. As such, I’ve become very familiar with Moonwell as a protocol.

Statement of Intent:

As a delegate, I will make a concerted effort to analyze what protocol updates are needed and execute the corresponding changes through proposal creation and submission. Some examples may involve adjusting:

  • Which tokens get allocated the most rewards
  • LP rewards
  • Safety module rewards
  • Reward rate of supplying vs. borrowing
  • Adding new markets

I will outline the plans stated for each adjustment on this forum and listen to feedback before any decisions are made. I look forward to fairly representing the community - please consider delegating your tokens!

Discord: not-taco#9293
Github: xavierdmello (Xavier D'Mello) · GitHub
Twitter: @nova_holo

Delegate to: 0x7e4a3edd2F6C516166b4C615884b69B7dbfF3fE5


Hey Xavier!

I just wanted to quickly say thank you for posting this delegation pitch; sharing your background and expressing your willingness to become a delegate/contributor. As governance of the protocol has been decentralized, the onus is on capable community members like yourself to take a more active role in governance and submit proposals that are vital to the health, stability and development of Moonwell.