Fei - Delegate to me

Name: Fei
Wallet: 0x2c4578032aa885C9b4c1Da15e6738D5A0AFb56C4

I intend to be a Moonwell delegate.

Hello, I’m Fei. I am a certified public accountant and have been working as an auditor in finance since I graduated. I have been involved in the crypto world since 2018 and have a strong interest in DeFi, particularly in the Dotsama ecosystem.

I joined the Moonwell community in February 2022 and have had the chance of watching the protocol develop and adapt in a fast-changing environment (governance decentralization, protocol updates, impactful proposal votes, etc). As one of the moderators of the Moonwell community, I have been following the developments of the protocol, supporting community members, and participating in governance. I am fully aware of all the information relevant to Moonwell in Discord, Twitter, Telegram and the Governance Forum.

Statement of Intent:
As a delegate, I will take on the responsibility of researching all of the proposals submitted for governance voting and will listen to feedback from the community before making decisions. I will continue to keep up with the development of Moonwell and the Dotsama ecosystem, in order to create constructive proposals and vote with the best interest of the community and protocol in mind.

Discord: Fei#4375
Please delegate to Fei: 0x2c4578032aa885C9b4c1Da15e6738D5A0AFb56C4