Coolhorsegirl - Delegate to me

Name: coolhorsegirl
Wallet: 0x7F953f11343408eBCcaEcd04eB0D1E6bacDEf87F

I intend to be a Moonwell delegate.


Hey all! I’m coolhorsegirl, a DeFi native and content writer/strategist across the ecosystem. I’ve been in crypto since 2013 as a trader. Once I finished my master’s degree a few years ago, I began working in DAOs. I’ve been especially focused on governance in the space.

I most recently worked at Index Coop, a metagov powerhouse (by virtue of building structured products) on Ethereum, as the Content Manager and Lead Writer. Because of Index Coop’s massive partnership network (again, by virtue of building structured products, lol), I’m massively familiar with DeFi protocols across the ecosystem.

Right now, I’m freelancing, primarily at Content Guild as an Editor and at Tally as their weekly governance newsletter writer. I’d love to help Moonwell with some partnerships over there, too.

Anyway, I’m a strong writer with a deep interest in governance. Super bullish on Moonwell, too, and would love to help build out a governance delegation programme here similar to Gitcoin’s. Please see my cv & portfolio in the comments (I can only include 2 links in this post).

Statement of Intent:

As a delegate, I’m keen to be an active participant in protocol updates and execution. I love writing, and (potentially) as weird as it sounds, proposal creation falls under that umbrella. I will actively read, consider feedback, and vote on all proposals.

Additionally, I will work with the Moonwell team to build out a delegation program to ensure active, informed governance for Moonwell. I’m happy to recruit some more governerds across DeFi to help out, too.

I think my writing superpower is putting complicated concepts into simple words. I’d like to simmer down the more complicated proposals for easy consumption so I can listen to informed feedback before voting. I’m stoked on Moonwell and stoked on governance - consider delegating to me :slight_smile:

Discord: coolhorsegirl#9538
Twitter: @coolhorsegirl2
Telegram: @coolhorsegirl

Delegate to: 0x7F953f11343408eBCcaEcd04eB0D1E6bacDEf87F


If you’d like more background, here’s my portfolio and my cv :slight_smile: