$ded to moonwell.fi users?

hi all - been using moonwell.fi since last summer and what a great experience coming from the eth world . . . anyway, going long on dot and so moved my dot to xcdot to pursue that strategy so just checking if there is a way that users like me can be identified/rewarded with the possible upcoming airdrop? if the purpose is reward dot holders, then i have been one for 2 years and would like to participate, if possible. cheers


Hey @mcecc, welcome to the Moonwell Governance Forum! As far as $DED is concerned, I’ve been in discussion with a few contributors to the project and am in the $DED technical Telegram chat, just trying to keep tabs on things. They’re still working out all of the logistics as far as the airdrop is concerned.

Once more details are made available from the $DED community, I’ll pass along that information here.


thx for your reply and hopeful news . . . understand things are still evolving. :grinning: