Koingaroo one-click fiat to DeFi

Hey Moonwell family, I have been in close contact with the PrivaDex team. Those of you who do not know about Privadex, it is a one-click protocol for exchanging assets between Moonbeam and Astar via EVM. They simplify going between chains with one click and it takes only a few minutes for transactions to be completed.

They are now working on a tool called Koingaroo.
This is a protocol that aims at solving the fiat on ramping issues. The product will soon go to beta phase (~2 weeks). Koingaroo will allow users to on ramp fiat via Coinbase Pay, Binance Pay, and credit card. Users will be able to directly supply GLMR to Moonwell with one-click. You will also be able to split your fiat into multiple defi strategies such as 30% to algem liquid staking, 30% to GLMR supply on Moonwell, and 40% to DOT nomination pools. They are first working on the product then the UI so it will not immediately look “pretty” but will with time. Below is the website so you can sign up for the Beta and also explore their website more thoroughly. I am a US user and I know this solution will benefit me greatly, much simpler going from Coinbase to DeFi solutions in one click rather than from my bank account to Coinbase, to MetaMask, to Moonwell.


Screenshots of conversation with Privadex team:


Yeah i discussed a lot with them too.
Cool team and working hard on this new tool.

It’s a game chanegr for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time doing tx or having fear to blunder when making tx.

Moonwell should integrate their tool.