Marketing Proposal - Polkadot Insider - Twitter Media Site (August to September 2022)

Title: Marketing Proposal - Polkadot Insider - Twitter Media Site (August to September 2022)

Authors: Cris Nguyen - Founder and Business Development Manager of Polkadot Insider

Submission Date: August 17th

Polkadot Insider is a media site that supports projects on marketing to engage the Polkadot community. We are supporting blockchain solution projects in educating users as well as providing the most accurate information about the project through visualization to reach users more easily.

Our community includes supporters from different projects and so the benefit of working with us will help the project get new user bases.


We are aware of the importance of DeFi in the blockchain industry when they bring people power to own their rights and freedom in property. Above all, with the launch of more and more large and small projects, there will be many fraudulent projects that make a lot of investors lose everything.

With over 6 years of observational and research experience in the blockchain industry, following several prominent growth cycles, we know what project pain and fundamental investor behavior are like. And Moonwell can better reach the community through converting information into images as well as being able to reach other user files coming from many parties.

Definition stage of project on Polkadot Ecosystem

1. Pre-mainnet, including:

  • Self Pre-Acquiring Community
  • Onboard on Polkadot/Moonriver/Moonbeam ecosystem)
  • Pre-acquiring community by partnership

2. Mainnet stage, including:

  • IDO + external marketing to gain more holders

3. Post mainnet stage, including:

  • Acquiring more users, holders by several contents to enhance trust and growth.
  • Revenue protocol development, loyalty campaign.

Currently, there are many DeFi projects appearing on layer 1 blockchains such as Moonbeam and Moonriver. And from there, it is certain that Polkadot media houses (including Moonbeam, Moonriver) will not be able to do too many campaigns for each of the above construction projects, especially when each project will have a different specificity.

During this bearish season, we believe it’s time to build DeFi projects that can upgrade the blockchain industry’s monetary system. And we are the leading unit that can help projects convey useful messages through a variety of content formats.

Polkadot Insider’s accomplishment:

:point_right:12K+ Twitters Followers

:point_right:500K+ Monthly Tweet Impressions

:point_right:120K+ Monthly Profile Visits

This is our page:


  1. ACALA

  2. Astar Network

  3. Moonbeam

  4. Beamswap

  5. Stellaswap

  6. Bifrost Finance

  7. Darwinia

  8. Astrid DAO

  9. Parallel Finance

  10. ZenLink


Polkadot News


  1. Produce graphics, content for Polkadot ecosystem (infographic material for guideline, metrics performance, follow up a lot of campaign)
  2. Generate 5-7 infographics per days
  3. Established core key member
  4. Gain lots of attentions from top tier projects on Polkadot Ecosystem


1. Project Information: we will introduce Moonwell via condensed infographics with full information. Ecosystem update is a monthly bonus in our work in the project information part. = 2 tasks

2. Thread: clear instruction for education about Moonwell is definitely needed for gaining more users. Or we can analyze why Moonwell is competitive. = 1 tasks

3. News: We support updating all the news of Moonwell on our page (feature guidelines, weekly recap, events, and partners news, flip news,…) = every news related to Moonwell (for a month)

4. Insightful analytic data: We create weekly on-chain data about Moonwell (highlight performance, exclusive feature mindmap for users, feature metrics, and others,…) (3 infographic/week) = 12 tasks.

5. AMA generation - there are two kinds of AMA we can host:

• AMA thread: we collect questions from the community through a giveaway and answers from Moonwell team then we make a thread on the Twitter page. Furthermore, the thread will live in the beginning with the presence of Moonwell’s team members.

• AMA call: same as above way, but the AMA call will be generated in Twitter Space.

The AMA will be permanently on Polkadot Insider page.

(You can choose 1) = 1 task

6. And lastly, we can retweet Moonwell’s all tweets (for a month)

7. All the infographic related to Moonwell will be generated in SPECIAL TEMPLATE (ACCORDING TO PROJECT’S VISION AND CONCEPT)

Total request: $3000 (for a month)

Moreover, we will use $100 to buy Moonwell and do a giveaway for the community to gain interaction and users for both sides.

As a WELL holder, I am against this proposal.

The task mentioned in the proposal won’t benefit Moonwell much. Moonwell is a established project in Dotsama ecosystem. The user-friendly UI and high level security is well known by the community. There are easy to read guidelines and step by step illustration. It needs organic growth not marketing hype.

Before Nomad exploit, TVL of Moonwell Artemis was almost $250million. It attracts users by the protocol itself not unnecessary marketing.

After reviewing the twitter account , Polkadot Insider uses similar templates to illustrate similar things throughout all the tweet. I don’t think it is worth the quote of $3,000.

We currently focus on recovery from Nomad exploit. The forum should be used to brainstorm the relevant governance proposal, at least for now. It should not be used as a tool for someone to earn money.


First of all, thanks for your feedback.

I totally agree with you that Moonwell is great protocol that has attracted users before the Nomad exploit. However, after the Nomad exploit, there might be some problem of users behavior changing to other protocols that Polkadot Insider can help Moonwell with regular remind with Moonwell’s features and special campaign to attract users again. We have communities and supporters from a lot of projects. Further more, we do have other pages including: Fantom Insider, Celo Insider, Avalanche Insider, Near Coverage, Optimism Insider and Casper Insider will be ready to share some related news like integration announcement or partnership with multichain projects.
About the templates that we use, as we mentioned above, we will do special templates for you according to Moonwell’s template, we don’t use similar things to our partners. I believe that besides the recovery, Moonwell will need boost some campaign to regain the users maybe more.

This is our real metrics

Hi Polkadot insider,

I don’t support your proposal.

I am also aware there are some marketing agencies actively get funds from many crypto foundation but accomplish nothing constructively.

With all due respect, your marketing skills are not very impressive. Your PPT templates are all about the rank of price change and list of projects. These information are all over the space.

And I don’t favor Twitter marketing as most of tweet impressions are from bots.

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Thanks for your reply.

I am still against your proposal.

There are ambassadors programs aiming to attract more community members. I believe the content created by community members is the ultimate marketing tool.

Polkadot insider, Polkadot Instantly and many other twitter accounts look identical. I agree with @Serein. Twitter is full of bots. It is said $500 could build a twitter account with more than 10,000 followers.

I don’t think your proposal should be put to vote.