Moonwell is PINK Campaign Details

Hey Folks! I’m excited to announce that the Moonwell community has been granted 1.2M $PINK from the Moonbeam allocation and we are now ready to start the campaign, allowing users to complete tasks that will make them eligible for a share of the pool.

The first 100k will be split evenly between 10 random winners selected from those who follow/like/retweet the campaign announcement. The draw will take place on Apr. 11.

The Remaining 1.1M will be evenly distributed to those who complete the Galaxe Campaign Tasks by interacting with Moonwell protocol in the following ways:

  1. Hold 2690 mGLMR (~$25) for 2 weeks (Block numbers TBC)
  2. Hold 130 mDOT (~$25) for 2 weeks (Block numbers TBC)
    *For more information on how to get mTokens please visit the Supply section in the docs
  3. Hold 600 stkWELL (~$25)
    *For more information on how to get stkWELL please visit the Staking section in the docs
  4. Vote on a governance proposal
    *For more information on how to vote please visit the Governance section in the docs
  5. Like & retweet the campaign announcement

Here is a brief timeline of the order of events:

Campaign Start with Socials Announcement - Apr 6 (Today)

10 Days to supply Liquidity and spread the word - Ending Apr 16 (1st Snapshot)

  • Some Galxe Tasks can be completed right away, others will be claimable after the 2nd Snapshot (Exact block number TBA)

2-week hold period for liquidity - Ending Apr 30 (2nd Snapshot )

1-week NFT claim period - Ending May 7

+3 days Role and human verification - Ending May 10

1-2 days for Distribution - May 12

The Galaxe campaign will be made public today and you can complete Tasks 3 and 5 immediately by holding 600 stkWELL and sharing the announcement Tweet. You can also complete Task 4 if you have voted in any of the last 10 Governance proposals. Don’t worry if you haven’t participated in governance recently, there will be other opportunities during the campaign window to vote.

You will have 10 days to spread the word and to provide liquidity for Tasks 1 and 2 you will need to have your liquidity deposited by the first Snapshot, and continue holding it until the second Snapshot is taken. After the second Snapshot you will have 7 days to mark the Tasks complete and mint the completion NFT. The Snapshots will be taken on Apr 16 and Apr 30. The exact block numbers will be confirmed closer to the day but based on our calculations they will be 5963400 and 6062550. If you have enough liquidity provided already it will be counted in the Snapshot as long as you maintain it throughout the entire hold window.

After that, you can claim a role using which will give you access to a token-gated channel on Discord to complete the last verification required to get on the distribution list.

EDIT: The Galxe campaign is now live - updated with links