Solidity Labs Delegation Pitch

Hello Moonwell Community,

I am Elliot Friedman, founder of Solidity Labs. I have worked on smart contract and blockchain systems for the past 4 years professionally as an engineer.

Over the past six months, I have helped launch the smart contract system for Base, and gotten to contribute lots of smart contract code to Moonwell and gotten well acquainted with the community.

I’d like to become a delegate as a contributor to Moonwell through Solidity Labs to help further the development and decentralization of the protocol. I have consistently worked on lending protocols throughout my career as a smart contract engineer and would like to be able to take a more active role in governance. As the recent Solidity Labs Proposal to repay bad debt has been posted to the forums, I’d like to be able to post to a snapshot vote for the community to decide on the path forward.

My ethereum address is 0xCd9aB569b86623daf1dd709533b6A1845Dac52e5

Thank you for your votes!

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