Bkase.eth -- Delegate to me

Name: Brandon Kase
Wallet: bkase.eth - 0xb2F5a22Bd154924402cf31a95e61587f0f1edE3c

I intend to be a Moonwell delegate.


Hello :wave:, I’m Brandon – I’m a founding engineer at O(1) Labs, the team that incubated Mina Protocol, since 2017. I’ve had various responsibilities throughout the years at O(1) Labs, but am currently (mostly) focused on building out developer tooling for zkApps on Mina. I’ve been involved in crypto tangentially for a long time: I mined Bitcoin in 2011-2012 (and subsequently lost it all to hacks and stupid wallet management, lol). My DeFi journey began quite “late” (end-of-summer last year), but I dived in quite intensely, spending every night learning and playing (and losing money) on many protocols on many chains.

Also around that time, I started to advise and angel invest in other crypto projects some of which focused in the DeFi space.

I am an advisor for Moonwell, and prior to Moonwell, have personally worked with a few of the Moonwell contributors on various Mina projects.

I have a (very small) angel investment with Nomad, and prior to Nomad, have personally worked with a few of the Nomad employees at O(1) Labs a few years ago.

I have a (very large, for me) amount of bridged Nomad funds that I was using in Moonwell and StellaSwap. I am still holding the majority of my Nomad assets on Moonbeam, but was able to withdraw (most) of those mad-assets from Moonwell.

Framework for Voting:

I will state my position on this delegation pitch thread and will listen to feedback before making any choices. Ultimately, I will be voting in ways that I personally believe will help Moonwell and to help folks who suffered through the Nomad hack.

Discord: bkase#2492
GitHub: bkase
Twitter: bkase_
Website: bkase.dev

Delegate to: bkase.eth - 0xb2F5a22Bd154924402cf31a95e61587f0f1edE3c


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for coming forward. That’s great. Just to let you know there is a discussion on a path forward for Moonwell on this forum. Not many people are getting involved. Would be great to hear your thoughts.

Just wondering as an advisor for Moonwell are you receiving money from them? Would you consider yourself friends with the Moonwell team? When the hack happened and you removed funds from Moonwell did you receive a notification from anyone to alert you of the hack?

Hi Chip,

As an advisor to Moonwell, Brandon receives no cash or monetary compensation, but he does receive a small token allocation that begins vesting in June, 2023 (1 year after the launch of Moonwell Artemis).

Although I don’t know what Brandon did with his personally supplied funds, I’d just like to note that the Nomad markets still have plenty of liquidity, so anyone that wants to withdraw their Nomad assets from Moonwell can most likely do so

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Hi Luke,

Thanks. So would you say he receives equivalent of seed round investment in WELL for his time invested in Moonwell?

Would also be interested to know if he received some smart alerts or something for removing his funds from Moonwell? Could be good to know what tricks he used for future reference.

@Luke Where you able to get your funds out in time?

I just tried removing liquidity from Nomad and it didn’t seem to work. Will keep trying. If you have any tips please let me know?

Hi @chip ,

I belong to a defi Signal group chat where folks start talking about hacks quickly (where someone discovered this one via a tweet), so I did learn about the nomad hack fairly early; however, due to Moonbeam shutting down the L1 temporarily, and me not going back fast enough when it turned back on, I still did not have time to exit mad assets to other bridge or native assets via stellaswap before their on-chain market price was extremely low (8 cents on the dollar if I recall). So I decided to keep holding them all.

And yes I only had supplied mad assets on Moonwell and there was (and still is) sufficient liquidity to withdraw those assets.

And I can confirm as Luke said, I receive a small token allocation (I don’t know how it relates to the size of other advisors or seed investors), but no monetary compensation. Luke is an advisor for O(1) Labs so I have been working closely with him for a few years.

I’ll look for the other thread and share my thoughts @chip ; thanks for the info about it.


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Sorry that I was late to comment this proposal: Snapshot , I had a busy last few days in the real world. I will be voting YES as it is a critical step in decentralizing the protocol.


FYI see my position on the bridges. I am planning on voting this way for the Snapshot and the proposal that follows


Hi - What university did you attend? I only delegate to Ivy League grads.

Not sure if you’re serious or joking, but just in case you’re serious: Many of the smartest, hardest-working, productive, and knowledgeable engineers whom I know either went to a “less prestigious” university or even skipped university altogether. I don’t appreciate the underlying assumptions that come with this question, so I won’t answer it. If you really want to know, nothing stops you from googling me to find out from which university I graduated.